Creating a Restful Retreat

A restful retreat starts by clearing out your space and removing all clutter. Try to keep your laundry or any other clutter out of your room so it doesn’t trigger stressors as you are trying to relax! Paint color can have a huge impact on how your body responds to a space. Painting your space in a neutral color will help your body relax, and is key to creating a peaceful relaxing space. Think of light neutral colors – such as whites, light greys, and taupes or moody colors such as deep blue or grey. Once you have a refreshing blank slate it is time to bring in the layers. To begin, add a cozy neutral rug to ground the space (mine is linked here). Layers of bedding including a linen duvet, quilt, and throw pillows are up next. Quilts and throw pillows add so much character to a bed, they can give the whole space a luxurious feel.

This will be the foundation to your space. Now it is time to add piece to reflect your personal style. I love having a beautiful table lamp or wall sconce on each side of the bed. Bring in a few neutral art pieces to make the space your own.

I love to keep a nice smelling candle or oil in a diffuser on my nightstand along with a white noise machine. Be sure to keep electronics out of your sleeping space to help fall asleep more promptly. In the morning, make your bed and open a window to cycle fresh air into the space. This will ensure your restful retreat will be ready for you once you are ready to turn in for the night, or a nap if you are so lucky 🙂

Here are a few neutral layers I am loving to help create a restful retreat –

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