Fall Pantry Refresh

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The fall season is a time of year we sink back into routine with busy schedules from school, sports, and the start of the holidays. I have been trying to find ways to make my days flow smoother and one way I have done this is is by ensuring our spaces are well organized. One of the places in my home that was in need of some organization, was our pantry. We use this space multiple times a day and it needed to be a space that was useful and easy to access.

Let’s take a look at where we started. You can see, packages are stacked and layered creating a difficulty to see what you have and easily find what you need. I found that I was over buying items and later finding a stale duplicate. Snack bars and bagged items would fall out of their boxes or not be properly sealed and spill or go stale, causing a ton of food waste! I started by taking inventory and deciding what I would want to store in a bin, basket or canister. I then cleared everything out of the space and wiped down the entire pantry.

I decanted and canistered anything that comes in a bag or can go stale if left open, I used small bins for everyday items such as snacks and coffee supplies. I used the clear bins to hold bulk items and individual packages that would not be decanted (cake mix or flavored rice), lastly I used large bins below to hold back stock as well as garbage bags and party supplies. On the upper shelves it can be difficult to see what is in the back so I added a lazy Susan to the hard to reach areas to better see what we have stocked.

I wanted the fruits and vegetables to be easy to grab, yet contained so I placed them on wooden trays to keep them from rolling around. One tray for fruits and one for vegetables, but these could easily be combined if you wanted to use just one tray. I used many of the OXO Pop Canisters while organizing this space. The shape and size offerings in the line are sure to meet any space need. I found the square 4.4 qt canister to be a great fit for bulk baking such and flour and sugar, as well as large bagged snack items, such as chips. The square 2.8 qt I used for smaller snacks, pretzels and boxes crackers. I love the rectangle 2.7 qt canister for grains and pastas, it fit two bags/boxes of each comfortably.

On the counter I added a few items that are both decorative and useful such as these coffee canisters and a great smelling pumpkin candle!

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